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Wooden bridge leading to the entrance arch of Runkelstein Castle, BolzanoCastelronda event: combat simulation during a medieval spectacleCastelronda event and ancient crafts: carding woolMusic show with drums and flag-wavers for Castelronda event


June 9th and 10th 2018

The initiative takes place on two days, with several events and happenings to discover some of the castles in and around Bolzano. Take an historical look at times gone by, take part to a show or exhibition, or just simply enjoy a good meal in a somewhat different setting!

Each castle offers particular themed events: Medieval shows, round tables and meetings with international celebrities, music, Medieval food and much more hidden behind their ancient walls. 

The program 2018 will be online soon..

Moos-Schulthaus - dedicato alla cultura medievale
Mareccio - circondato da vigneti, con vista sul Catinaccio
MMM Firmian di Reinhold Messner - Il rapporto uomo - montagna
Castel Schloss Boymont - Appiano
Moos-Schulthaus - dedicato alla cultura medievale
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