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Arc of flowers from which we can see the Cathedral of BolzanoView of the Dominican church' steeple of BolzanoDetail of the buildings of the Arcades in the centre of BolzanoCartel Square in BolzanoGirl along a passage leading to the Arcades
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Guided tours of Bolzano

If you'd like to discover Bolzano, why don't you participate in our rich programme of guided tours, recommended by both the Tourist Information Board and the Association of Tourist Guides. Working closely together, they organize various weekly appointments, from April to October, including guided tours of the historic town, its fine palaces, the main churches, and the Archaeological Museum, where the famous ice mummy of Similaun "Ötzi" is exhibited. 

Guided tours of Bolzano in English are offered as follows:

From April 1st to October 31st 2018

» 10.30 am
Guided tour of the city centre in English with focus on the main highlights of the old town. 
No reservation required.