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Salewa Cube
Via Waltraud-Gebert-Deeg Str. 4
Tel: +39 04711886867

A reference point for the alpine city of Bolzano.

Vertical movement is in Salewa’s as well as Bolzano’s DNA: this outstanding structure is a venue for professional climbers, but also for anyone approaching this sport for the first time. The climbing hall is among the largest in Italy and has a unique, original feature, i.e. it gives the sensation of being outdoors, but with the advantage of being protected from bad weather. A world of climbing located in the city, easy to reach from the environs and open all year round. The available surface area is 2000 square meters with 180 different routes, ranging in difficulty level from 4 to 8, and even has fast routes up to 15 metres high. All necessary equipment can be rented on the spot so you can decide to jump into this adventure at the last minute even without planning ahead.


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