St. Magdalener Culinarium

11 - 12 September 2020

An appointment not to be missed for all wine lovers: discover the wine region of St. Magdalena and meet the producers of the classic St. Magdalena! St. Magdalener Culinarium - experience a whole day of St. Magdalena wines!


To all wine lovers!
At the beginning of September Bolzano is under the sign of the St. Magdalener wine. This fresh, versatile wine is one of the autochthonous varieties from Bolzano with typical production area on the gentle hills and the steep slopes of St. Magdalena. Every two years the producers of the St.Magdalena wants to celebrate a a special experience. Experience an exciting programme with different moments of pleasure like a vineyard inspection with the experts, aperitifs, tasting in the presence of the producers, a master class and a special dinner, where an exclusive menu in combination with rarities of St. Magdalener wines let the hearts immediately beat higher.

The St. Magdalener Culinarium is the opportunity to discover the classic St. Magdalener. Let be surprised by the versatility of this wine!

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St. Magdalener Culinarium is organized in collaboration with the St. Magdalena wine producers. The Cassa Rurale di Bolzano/Raiffeisenkasse Bozen also supports the wine events of Bolzano.

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