El Tiempo en Bolzano

Today: Very sunny

Sunny weather with clear sky in the whole region. Highs from 2° to 6°.

Tomorrow: Many clouds

The clouds will increase again on the public holiday and the sun will only rarely make an appearance. A few snowflakes are possible in the second half of the day and on Saturday night, especially in the mountains. Winter temperatures with highs from 0° in Bruneck to 4° in Bozen.

Next days Weather forecasts: Clouds and sun in the south, more changeable in the north

  • Sat
  • Sun
  • Mon
  • Tue

On Saturday, the clouds will clear quickly and it will become increasingly sunny before it clouds up again towards the evening. A few snow showers are expected in the north in the night to Sunday. On Sunday, it will be slightly changeable in the north of South Tyrol, with light snowfall possible on the main Alpine crest in the first half of the day. Sunshine is expected to predominate in the south. Monday will often be unsettled with some snowfall in the northern parts of the province. Towards the south, it will be mostly dry and sunny at times. It will be similar on Tuesday: on the border with North Tyrol it will continue to be unsettled with some rain and snowfall, in the south it will be friendlier.

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