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Bands and mountain choirs in Bolzano

There are 211 bands in South Tyrol. Their members are all dressed in characteristic costumes and perform at religious festivals and village feasts. On the whole, there are 10,000 men and women from South Tyrol who belong to a band (Musikkapelle in German). Each tiny village has its own band and own costume, different from valley to valley, and with different ornaments from locality to locality. The colours of characteristic costumes are not chosen by chance: each one has a meaning. In Val Sarentino, for example, the red band tied around the hat indicates that the boy is unmarried, the green one indicates he is married. These costumes are still hand crafted: hats, shoes, Lederhosen (leather trousers) are the elaborate and painstaking work of specialists in leather, Loden (boiled wool) and other fabrics.

Bolzano alone has four, of which three are traditional:
Bolzano band
Dodiciville band
Gries band
Corpo musicale Mario Mascagni

Mountain choirs

Bolzano, the door to the Dolomites, with a clear mountain vocation expressed also in the creativity of the many mountain choirs. The repertoir ranges from alpine songs to traditional ones in an enviable variety and quality of interpretation.