A couple of visitors stop on the Museion bridge and are inspired by the beauty of the river and the green meadows of the Talvera in Bolzano.On a summer or spring morning, the best way to find inspiration is to jog along Bolzano's paths.Two climbers on a cliff enjoy a panoramic view of Bolzano's natural landscapes and are inspired by their beauty.Leaflets and itineraries on the shelves of information offices allow tourists to find inspiration on which point of interest in Bolzano to visit on their holidays.

Find your inspiration

Find your inspiration

In Bolzano, historical and cultural highlights are in perfect symbiosis with natural wonders. There is nothing more fascinating than walking through ancient mediaeval passages within the city and then suddenly finding oneself in the middle of green promenades and vineyards, and soon afterwards again in front of residences and castles of another era.

The Gateway to the Dolomites has retained its green soul. 130 hectares of public green space, over 50 kilometres of cycle paths and innovative companies make Bolzano the city of sustainability.

Walkers, cyclists and climbers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to exercise. Bolzano is an excellent starting point for discovering the surrounding area.