Evening view of Bolzano's vineyards in the foreground and the illuminated city below the mountains in the background.A couple of customers on the terrace of a restaurant in Bolzano sipping a glass of wine.In the foreground two glasses of red wine resting on the window of a building under which there is a crowd of tourists and citizens attending a food and wine event.A winegrower harvesting a bunch of grapes ripened in his vineyard in Bolzano.

Bolzano, the city of wine

Bolzano's autochthone wines

According to an old proverb "Venice floats on water and Bolzano on wine". Wine production in Bolzano has a very old tradition that nowadays is reflected in the work of almost thirty private wineries and one cooperative operating within the city's network. Lagrein and S. Maddalena, the autochthone red wines par excellence, are iconic of this heritage.

Lagrein is in fact one of the most important autochthone varieties of South Tyrol and is characterized by an intense and dark ruby red colour. This full-bodied and mildly acid wine is cultivated at low altitudes up to 300 m above sea level and prefers warm gravelly or sandy soils. Its fruity aroma of ripe cherry and floral aroma of violets delights the palate and pairs perfectly with game, red meat and aged cheese.

Maddalena, on the other hand, is traditionally grown on the particularly sunny hillside north of Bolzano, which gives this wine, together with the small amount of Lagrein that joins with Schiava/Vernatsch, an intense and full taste. S. Maddalena is also a wine of ancient tradition with a ruby red colour and fruity aroma. Its harmonious and full-bodied taste pairs excellent with fish dishes, meat and fresh cheese.

The deep bond between Bolzano and the wine is clear: the vineyards penetrate the districts and the historic town, draw the contours, adorn the gentle slopes and the flat basin like a natural garden. Everywhere the rows of vines intertwine with the architecture in the unmistakable and unique scenery beneath the Dolomites.

For more information about the wineries visit: https://www.suedtiroler-weinstrasse.it/en.html


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Following you can download some brochures with further information about the Southtyrolean wines by Vini Alto Adige/Südtirol Wein.

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