Travel without car!

A Mobilcard gives you one, three or seven consecutive days’ worth of unlimited travel on public transport in the whole of South Tyrol, on regional and regional express trains all the way to Trento and even on PostAuto bus services between Malles/Mals and Müstair in Switzerland. Junior discounts are available for kids aged 6-13.

Mobilcards are personalised and issued either as a contactless ticket or in the form of a magnetic stripe card. They are non-transferable and may not be used by another person. Every time you board a bus or train, remember to check in with the help of the blue ticket validation machines: To validate and use your Mobilcard, simply hold your contactless ticket in front of the sensor or insert your magnetic stripe card into the slot at the top of the machine.


If you have a contactless Mobilcard, remember to write down your name, the date and the ticket duration on the back of the ticket before you start using it. Depending on your Mobilcard type, it will be valid for one, three or seven consecutive days starting from the day on which you first activate it. If your Mobilcard is a magnetic stripe card, the expiry date will be printed on the back of the ticket after you first activate it.

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