Panoramic view from the San Genesio path over the city of Bolzano on a summer afternoon.In a summer music concert a trumpeter is lying on his stomach on the edge of a platform above the water and playing his trumpet.An open-air wine-tasting event in which many visitors are intent on tasting wines from various South Tyrolean wine cellars. Band of five young people playing various wind instruments on the Bolzano meadow on a summer afternoon.


Bolzano in summer is a succession of music and wine events

Bolzano has gained a special place in the European music world, thanks to international events such as the Jazz festival, Bolzano Danza and the Bolzano Festival Bozen. It is from here that the summer tours of the European Union Youth Orchestra and the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester start - unique opportunities for young pianists taking their first steps towards a world-class career.

During the summer, the Bolzano Tourist Board offers a variety of special offers for those coming to the city for the Jazzfestival, Bolzano Danza and the Bolzano Festival Bozen. In order to fully satisfy the needs of guests, from the end of June until September, the holiday offers include reduced price tickets for concerts, shows and various events organised during the special occasions.

Bozen City of Wine - Good wine, a cosy atmosphere and culinary specialities are the ingredients of the summer events with tastings of Bolzano's best wines. The city's producers offer unforgettable evenings.

Calici di stelle - local wine at its best

9th August 2024

Excellent local wines, sipped in the picturesque setting of Bolzano's arcades.

Every year in August, Bolzano invites you to spend a pleasant evening discovering the city's typical wines. Via dei Portici is transformed into an atmospheric wine-tasting path, along which citizens and guests can taste the precious nectar from the various wine cellars.

Calici di stelle is also an opportunity to meet the producers in person and tell their stories. Not to be missed are the gourmet banquets with typical South Tyrolean products.

Calici di Stelle is organised by the Bolzano Tourist Board in cooperation with the producers and under the patronage of the City of Bolzano. The Bolzano Rural Bank supports the Bolzano wine events.


It is possible to purchase the tasting vouchers and the deposit for the glass at our office in Via Alto Adige, Südtiroler Straße, 60 or at the Infopoint in Piazza del Grano, Kornplatz, 11.


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Click here to download the programme (Italian and German only)


Bolzano Dance

 July 2024

Bolzano Danza is one of the highlights of the city's cultural summer. The city presents itself as a great artistic showcase with an international scope. Leading authors from the world scene, national companies and special projects have enabled the festival to become an important reference point in the European dance scene over the years. Thanks to its characteristic combination of performances on the one hand and training courses on the other, the festival is attended by professionals and enthusiasts of all dance styles, who thus have an "excuse" to come to Bolzano in the middle of summer. In addition to the programme of performances, there are workshops for children, who are offered special packages ranging from creative dance to flamenco and hip hop. There are also meetings with artists, long dance nights, courses for experts or lessons in classical, modern or Latin jazz dance.


St. Magdalener Culinarium

Aperitivo lungo St. Magdalener Fresh & Cool - 6th September 2024

St. Magdalener Hill, 6 p.m. - 11 p.m.

Reservation required

Tel. 0471 307000

Free Shuttle service: from Piazza Walther Platz and crossroads Via Rencio Straße / Via Untermagdalena



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Bolzano Festival Bozen

Every summer Bolzano becomes the capital of classical music, thanks to the Bolzano Festival Bozen. The next edition of the festival will be held from the end of July to the beginning of September 2024

The entire city center is the setting for the most important summer music events:

  • the concerts of the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester and the European Union Youth Orchestra;
  • Antiqua, the Ancient Music Festival;
  • the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition and its Festival;
  • the master classes of the Gustav Mahler Academy;
  • And numerous others...

Information and programs are avaible on the site https://www.busoni-mahler.eu/festival/en/bolzano-festival-bozen-home-en/

1st Summer Edition of Books on Vacation

Piazza Walther-Platz 5th and 6th July 2024

great evenings with famous authors and their last bestseller:

Südtirol Jazzfestival South Tyrol

28th June - 7th July 2024

The soloists and ensembles at the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige not only venture forth to dizzying musical heights but quite literally ascend the “real” heights of the mountains, instruments on their backs, and entertain the public against a breathtaking Alpine backdrop.

The Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige is something of a ground-breaker itself: sure-footed, yet treading carefully over the “tricky” patches, the festival blazes new trails through the musical landscape, putting the mainstream jazz and concert halls of the area at risk of extinction. With contrasts and fusions in unusual concert venues and new worlds of sounds, event organisers and artists follow the path less travelled in the quest for tones unheard of and melodies unimaginable.
Hundreds of jazz artists have come to the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige as guests over the years, including world-famous names on the international stage and aspiring young musicians from the world over.

The Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige was held for the first time in 1982 under the name of “Jazz Summer”, which went on to become “Jazz & Other”. While in the early years the concerts were played only in Bolzano itself, today the festival stretches throughout the whole of South Tyrol and beyond.

Premiers are the rule rather than the exception here, and many concerts are unique events which can only be experienced in this setting and in these South Tyrolean venues. The land becomes the stage, and jazz a part of the landscape. Musicians play in the towns and on the mountains, at lakes and rivers, in the squares and on the streets, in parks and castles, hotels and factory halls. Urban spaces, rocky mountain slopes and mountain pastures, with culinary climaxes and mesmerising music melting into one unique festival experience.

Information and programme: www.suedtiroljazzfestival.com


Music genres ranging from classical music, jazz, contemporary popular music and international ethnic music; the sounds range from the bluesy sound of guitars, the delicate harmonies of the zither, the ringing notes of the trumpet to a cappella choirs. What counts is the freshness and originality of the music offered by innovative artists and groups. All in the magical and atmospheric setting of Castel Roncolo. www.klangfeste.org

Wine Event

21 Juni 2024, Matteotti Square, 7-11 pm 

One bolzanine square, one bolzanine night and almost 20 bolzanine Winemakers. Deliciousness to taste, music and a lot to discover!

This is the recipe of a new event on the Matteotti Square: Wine Event, Bolzano, The Wine City. 

The right opportunity for tasting the best wines of Bolzano/Bozen, getting tipps from local producers and enjoying music. 


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