The family in the foreground moves along the train with their bicycles pulled by hand. In the background is the landscape of a village with an old castle.

How to get around

Getting around on holiday

In Bolzano and South Tyrol you can get around in a sustainable way by using public transport, which is organized in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.

Integrated transport system

In South Tyrol, public transport is characterized by the integration of different means of transport in a single tariff and timetable system: city, suburban and city buses, local and regional Trenitalia trains, the Mendola funicular, the Renon train and the Renon, Colle, Verano, Meltina and Maranza cable cars.

On the website www.altoadigemobilita.info or in the app "altoadigemobilità" for Android or iOS you can find the timetables of South Tyrol.

The Bolzano Bozen Guestcard, Mobilcard, Museumobilcard and Bikemobilcard, are valid for travel on public transport in South Tyrol. You can find more tickets here. Some of these tickets can also be purchased online.

Important: tickets must be validated at the blue vending machines at the station before each use, or directly on board the bus, or online.


An opportunity to get around quickly, independently and sustainably. A network of connections designed for those who want to experience the city on two wheels, for those who prefer to feel free from city traffic and access public transport services with a single ticket. You can find more tickets here. Some of these tickets can also be purchased online.

“Bici Bolzano” is the "bike-sharing" project promoted by the Municipality of Bolzano as part of an important and wide-ranging mobility strategy aimed at creating an integrated public transport network capable of offering citizens a range of alternatives for urban travel.

Designed for short trips, bike-sharing is now the most convenient form of urban travel, both in terms of time and money.

Register here and pick up your bike at the nearest station. The cost is € 1.00 per hour for a maximum of 3 hours.

For more information on Bikesharing click here.

Download the map of the city's cycle paths and the list of bicycle rentals.

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