An engaged couple goes shopping and stops to look at the window of a jewellery shop in the centre of Bolzano.A shopping couple stroll along the arcades in the centre of Bolzano, admiring the shop windows.Two boyfriends are sitting at a table in a restaurant in Bolzano having an aperitif with a glass of Hugo.A woman who is shopping in a clothes shop is looking at some clothes hanging.A girl is trying on a coat and is looking at herself in the mirror while her friend is sitting in a small armchair watching her.In the foreground a pair of women's shoes with heels resting on the floor of a clothing shop and a woman sitting next to them in a chair trying them on.


Shopping in Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano is a historic market town with deep roots. Today it is a major commercial centre which extends from the narrow, charming streets of the historic centre to Corso Libertà, and the high streets and shopping malls of its quarters. Shopping here is a reflection of multi-cultural exchange: from traditional South Tyrolean clothing to designer fashion, from traditional stores selling local products to Italian regional delis, from charming local market stalls to the market of piazza delle Erbe, a colourful triumph of fruits, vegetables, flowers and breads.

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Opening hours of the shops
Monday-Friday 9am-7pm (some with lunch break 1-3pm)
Saturday 10am – 6pm
The opening on Sundays and public holidays is optional. In accordance with the experience of the recent years, some international brands remain open, while shops selling local products or smaller shops tend to remain closed (excluding the Christmas Market period). The "Twenty" and "Centrum" shopping centres are usually open every Sunday.

Monday-Saturday 9am-19:30pm
Sunday and holidays 10am-19:30pm
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Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm
Sunday and holidays 10am-7pm
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Winter sales

The winter sales in Bolzano start on January 7th and end on February 4th 2023.

Summer sales

The summer sales in Bolzano start on July 14th and end on August 11th 2023.

Our recommendation

Following you can find the partner shops of the Tourism Board of Bolzano Bozen. You can find them also in the brochure "City Guide 2022/2023".

Markets in Bolzano

Daily, weekly and annual markets, farmers markets displaying their products, crafts markets, flee markets, nothing is missing. For those who like a stroll along market stalls and look for bargains Bolzano has all that one can wish for.

Daily markets

Piazza delle Erbe, Obstplatz: Mon-Fri 7am - 7pm, Sat 7am - 1pm

Weekly markets: 8 am – 1 pm

Fruits, vegetables, food, clothes, custome jewellery, items for home...
Monday: Piazza Don Bosco
Tuesday: Via Piacenza-Via Aslago
Thursday: Via Rovigo, Piazza Matteotti
Saturday: Piazza della Vittoria and surroundings

Farmers' markets: 7.30 am – 1.30 pm

Tuesday: BIO - Piazza Municipio, Piazza Mazzini, Viale Europa
Friday: Piazza Municipio, Piazza Don Bosco, Via C. Augusta
Saturday: BIO - Piazza Matteotti 

Handicraft’s markets

Piazza del Grano - every first weekend of the month
Piazza del Mostra - December, in conjunction with the Christmas Market

Secondhand markets

Flea market along the Talvera promenades: every first Saturday of the month 7am-4pm (April-December)
Happymarkt, c/o Vives, Via Galvani 40, Calendar: www.happymarkt.it 

Annual markets 2022

April 06 - 10th: Spring Market "Spring in the city", Piazza Walther
April 29th–May 1st: Flower Market, Piazza Walther
May 7th: Spring Market, Via Resia
October 8th: Autumn Market, city centre
October 15th: Farmers’ Market, Piazza Walther
November 18th: St. Martin Market, corso Libertà
December 8th: Beekeepers’ Festival, Via Resia
December 17th: Golden Sunday Market, corso Libertà
November 24th – January 6th: Christmas Market

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