Bolzano is an international centre of music and dance

Summer in Bolzano has a wide international dimension when it comes to music: the Südtirol Jazz Festival, Bolzano Danza and the Bolzano Festival Bozen are appreciated throughout Europe. Great musicians and dancers will be on hand to enrich the cultural programme of the city: in combination with holiday packages, tickets for selected venues are also available at reduced prices.

There is an acclaimed selection of classical music to be heard at the Bolzano Festival Bozen, with the old town providing the backdrop for the charms of the musical scales. The summer tour of the European Union Youth Orchestra and the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra will begin here: the world careers of great pianists have also been known to start here. The Haydn Orchestra will be giving an impressive performance at the opening, to be held in the Semirurali Park on 31 July, while the finals of the Ferruccio Busoni International Piano Competition, now in its 64th year, will be held from 23 August to 3 September. In addition to the competition itself, the Busoni contest provides a platform where masters and youngsters, famed pianists and new international talents can meet. Among the 26 finalists are such names as Hanna Schwalbe, Kostandin Tashko, Mikhail Troshkin, Leo De María, Yubo Deng, Osvaldo N. E. Fatone and Miao Gao. There will also be workshops, screenings and new concert formats. Then, on 29, 30 and 31 August, will come a fine performance of chamber music by the Isidore String Quartet; on the day before, 28 August, the Bolzano String Academy will perform in the wonderful setting of Mareccio Castle. Other Festival highlights include the concert entitled “Le Due Sicilie” (18 August, Mareccio Castle) and the Baroque Arabesque (10 August, Mareccio Castle).

The Südtirol Jazz Festival Alto Adige, on the other hand, lets artists literally achieve great heights with concerts staged amid extraordinary scenery – not only in the city of Bolzano, but also in valleys, parks, castles and even industrial works. The entire region will be transformed into a stage: jazz means life whereever it is found, whether below rock faces, at mountain refuges or in rural settings. From 30 June to 9 July, the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige will showcase 55 concerts: the festival’s “base camp” will this year once more be at the Cappuccini Park in Bolzano, with others added at various locations throughout the province.

Jazz knows no boundaries and in this, its 41st edition, the Südtirol Jazzfestival Alto Adige will once again be activating its network of contacts on the various European music scenes. This year’s names in fact include artists from all over the world, such as the Spanish flautist and saxophonist Juan Saiz, the trio led by Polish pianist Joanna Duda, the Breton drummer Sébastien Brun and the Austrian bassist Lukas Kanzelbinder.

Bolzano is also hosting the amazing artistic showcase represented by Bolzano Danza, a highlight of European dance. The festival will pursue its winning combination of high-profile performances accompanied by training courses. Professionals and enthusiasts of all styles will converge on the city to create an emotional ambience. There are special packages for junior visitors, ranging from creative dance and hip-hop all the way to flamenco, as well as dance nights and the chance to meet world-class artistes. The festival will be bringing several Italian premieres to Bolzano: for example Shaun Parker & Company featuring Ivo Demichev with King (14 July), Moritz Ostruschnjak with Rabbit Hole (15 July), Maud Le Pladec/CCN Orleans with Silent Legacy (19 July) and Maud le Pladec with DJ Battle (also on 19 July).