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The Renon cable car with the beautiful snow-capped Dolomites in the backgroundDetail of the Renon Cable Car

Cable cars in Bolzano

Bolzano is situated at 265 metres above sea level in a basin surrounded by mountains. In just a few minutes by cable car you can reach the sunny plateaus and beautiful San Genesio forests or the Renon Hills where you can feel a clear and crispy atmosphere. At an altitude that ranges from 1000 to 1400 metres, you will enjoy superb views of the Dolomites, and breathe deeply into the delicate scents characteristic of woodlands and pastures.

Cable car Colle

Cable car Colle is a journey into the past. It is the first passenger cable car in the world, invented by innkeeper Josef Staffler from Bolzano, who ingeniously saw a great chance for tourism. Over a century has passed since then, and more precisely since 29th June 1908. A copy of the original cars, built at the beginning of the century, is displayed near the station at the top and is worth visiting.


The new cable car Renon, connecting Bolzano with Soprabolzano, is a model of modern International public transport. Departures every 4 minutes.

From Soprabolzano it is possibile to continue round the Renon plateau via the scenic railway. The train journey between Soprabolzano and Collalbo, through wide meadows and fields, with views of mountain farms and glimpses of the beautiful Dolomites, is a breathtaking experience.

San Genesio

From the small village of San Genesio overlooking the plateau Monzoccolo (Tschögglberg), the view across the Rosengarten is stunning. The spectacular landscape of the Salto forests at sunset when the dolomite peaks are tinged with red is simply unforgettable.