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Shopping in Bolzano, Italy

Bolzano is a historic market town with deep roots. Today it is a major commercial centre which extends from the narrow, charming streets of the historic centre to Corso Libertà, and the high streets and shopping malls of its quarters. Shopping here is a reflection of multi-cultural exchange: from traditional South Tyrolean clothing to designer fashion, from traditional stores selling local products to Italian regional delis, from charming local market stalls to the market of piazza delle Erbe, a colourful triumph of fruits, vegetables, flowers and breads.

Opening hours of the shops

Monday-Friday 9am-7pm (some with lunch break 1-3pm)
Saturdays 10am-6pm

The opening on Sundays and public holidays is optional. In accordance with the experience of the recent years, some international brands remain open, while shops selling local products or smaller shops tend to remain closed (excluding the Christmas Market period). 

The "Twenty" and "Centrum" shopping centres are usually open every Sunday. For more information visit the official websites and

Summer sales

The summer sales in Bolzano start on August 1st and end on August 29th 2020.

Our recommendation

Following you can find the partner shops of the Tourism Board of Bolzano Bozen. You can find them also in the brochure "City Guide 2020".

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