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Pink flowers in the foreground in the gardens along Talvera riverGuncina Walk in the nature near BolzanoTalvera river with vegetation and meadows surrounding itA part of the Guncina walk in BolzanoLady goes along the path of Guncina walk in Bolzano

Walks in the city of Bolzano

Like every city Bolzano too faces the fast pace of urban life. However, with just a few steps you can leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in the peaceful tranquillity of famous walks.

Guncina and S.Osvaldo, for example, completed at the end of 1800, are well renowned routes gently climbing through Mediterranean vegetation up to the top of the surrounding hills and offering stunning views over the city.
Lungotalvera Bolzano and Lungotalvera San Quirino are immersed in the lush Petrarca Park and meadows along the Talvera river. These walks are right adjacent to the city centre and provide an opportunity to practice various sports and recreational activities.

Download the paths: Promenades in Bolzano

Lungo Talvera Walks

The Talvera river runs through the city of Bolzano. The water course originates from the Sarentino Valley and its banks are home to beautiful green lawns, recreational parks, long walks and modern cycle routes. This is the green lung of the city and a popular destination for both tourists and local residents that provide rest and relaxation to those strolling along the tree-lines paths as well as fun for the younger ones in the playgrounds. There are also many sport facilities in the area which attract football, baseball and softball lovers. The Druso, Talvera and S.Antonio bridges are the three main links over the stream, but there are also some footbridges allowing for short or long round trips, on foot or by bicycle.

Passeggiate del Lungo Talvera
Passeggiate del Lungo Talvera
Passeggiate del Lungo Talvera
Passeggiate del Lungo Talvera
Passeggiate del Lungo Talvera
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S. Osvaldo and Guncina Walks

These two walks, rising to about one hundred metres above the city, begin with a fairly light climb, made easier by a series of winding paths that reach pp to plateaus offering panoramic views of the city and the surrounding mountains. The S.Osvaldo walk links S.Antonio with S. Maddalena, the hill characteristic for the grape variety cultivated for the production of the local wine named after it. In the background you can see the dolomite massif of Rosengarten, symbol of the city.

The Guncina walk, dedicated to its founder – Archduke Henry of Habsburg – unravels to the hillside of the Gries quarter (an independent municipality until 1925 and famous holiday and health resort of the empire of Hapsburg) leading to San Genesio. The walk through evergreen bushes, magnolias, prickly bears, cypress trees and cedar wood takes to Guncina Castle. Each plant encountered on the way is labelled by its Italian, German and scientific name. The walk is a gentle climb and has several benches along its path to provide rest and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view of the city and mountain groups rising to the east. After reaching Guncina Castle it is possible to return to the city by taking the Rio Fago walk leading to the Lungo Talvera and therefore the centre of Bolzano.

Virgolo Walk

This walk extends to the hillside south of the city. It can be accessed from the Oltrisarco quarter and more precisely from Flavon Castle, which has been recently renovated and houses a friendly restaurant inside its ancient walls. The walk goes through a copse and has an interesting and unusual view over the city extending from the South to the North with the hills of Salto Renon in the background. This path links Flavon Castle with Virgolo, one of the areas of the city that has been inhabited since prehistoric times and that, thanks to the Romanesque church of San Vigilio and the baroque church of Calvario, still remains today a fascinating and spiritual place.

For a free brochure on walks in Bolzano please visit the Information Office in Via Alto Adige / Südtiroler Str. 60.