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Wooden bridge leading to the entrance arch of Runkelstein Castle, BolzanoCastelronda event: combat simulation during a medieval spectacleCastelronda event and ancient crafts: carding woolMusic show with drums and flag-wavers for Castelronda event





歴史深いお城には発見がいっぱい。 宮廷夫人と騎士があなたをお待ちしております。楽しくて忘れない週末になることでしょう。

詳細はボルツァーノ観光局まで。Tel. +39 0471 307000,

Moos-Schulthaus - dedicato alla cultura medievale
Trostburg - Museo dei castelli dell'Alto Adige
Mareccio - sale affrescate e cultura nobiliare
MMM Firmian di Reinhold Messner - Il rapporto uomo - montagna
Moos-Schulthaus - dedicato alla cultura medievale
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