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Cuisine of Bolzano and of South Tyrol

Bolzano's cuisine is a great attraction for gourmets. It is characterized by different flavours. On one hand there is a solid genuine country cooking, on the other there are the specialties of the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition. The same often includes spaghetti (Italian pasta) and Knödel (bread dumblings), ossobuco (marrow-bone) and Gröstl (beef cooked in a saucepan with potatoes and onions).

Even though the origin of cuisine in South Tyrol is German both in its execution and in the combination of flavours, there are many influences of the glorious Italian culinary history.

ATTENTION: due to Covid-19 the bars and restaurants will be closed until March 14th 2021.
Take away and delivery are possible until 10pm.

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