The hand of a waiter holding two typical Bolzano dishes of meat and vegetables.Top view of a typical South Tyrolean gourmet dish.Three vegetable dishes typical of Bolzano cuisine are being served at the table by a waiter.On the table is a typical Tyrolean dish of dumplings and salad as a side dish, accompanied by a basket of white bread and a glass of red wine.

Gastronomic proposals

Bolzano Bozen Gourmet

Bolzano offers a rich gastronomic variety: typical Tyrolean cuisine, traditional country dishes together with many specialties of the Mediterranean cuisine. Every year the restaurants in Bolzano offer a series of tasty initiatives you should not miss: come and have a try, do not let this opportunitity pass you by!


From 8 to 11 March, visitors will be able to enjoy tasty 0 km and sustainable delicacies in the following Bolzano restaurants

Gasthaus Fink

Via della Mostra 9A
Tel. 0471 975047


The restaurant offers as its main dish the codfish Grostel alla bolzanina, with capsicum.


Parkhotel Laurin

Via Laurin 4
Tel. 0471 311000


For the event, the Parkhotel Laurin presents a char from Val d'Ega, Terlan white asparagus salad and freshwater cress.


Zur Kaiserkron

Via della Mostra 1
Tel. 0471 028000


At the Restaurant Zur Kaiserkron in Piazza della Mostra 1 Bolzano you can taste the Lamb in variation dedicated by Chef Filippo Sinisgalli to the theme of zero km and sustainable cuisine. This is Brillenschaf lamb from Val di Funes, literally sheep with spectacles because of the characteristic black spots around its eyes. It is the oldest breed of sheep in South Tyrol, grazing freely in the meadows and wintering in alpine pastures at 1950 metres. Working with the Brillenshaf cooperative means supporting a precious presidium for the area, even more so if the ingredient is processed in its entirety in such a way as to reduce waste almost to zero. Proposed in three cooking variations (roasted, stewed and fried), the Lamb Variation perfectly represents Chef Filippo Sinisgalli's culinary idea of creating menus that are not only sustainable but 'ethical', that is, designed responsibly from the order to the supplier to the finished dish.

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