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Some people staring at the statue reproducing Ötzi in the homonymous museum in BolzanoNight external view of the building that houses the Museion in Bolzano fully litSome statues inside the Messner Mountain Museum hosted at Firmian CastleA man from behind watching a video of a flying bird of prey at the Science Museum of BolzanoGirl visiting the Museum of the Iceman in Bolzano

Museums in Bolzano

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South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology

Since 1998 home of Ötzi the Iceman, the famous natural mummy. Besides the 5300 year old body, his original clothes and equipment, the museum displays numerous topics providing new insights in life at copper age, research findings, the criminal case and curiosities surrounding the man.

Regularly changing special exhibitions shed light on archaeological topics of South Tyrol.

For Info please call: +39 0471 320100.

Museo Archeologico
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Civic Museum

Since 24 November 2011 the Civic Museum in Bolzano has been displaying part of its collections in six rooms situated on the first floor and on the top floor turret. This temporary display, with viewing restrictions, is intended as a first step towards returning to the museum in its entirety to the city. Approximately 200 art works from the VIII to the XX century are displayed.

Via Cassa di Risparmio, 14 Tel. +39 0471 997960

Museo Civico
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Museum for Natural History

The palace, which houses the South Tyrol Museum of Natural History today, was formerly the administrative office building of Emperor Maximillian I. The variety of natural landscapes in Alto Adige, and in particular the origins of the Dolomites, are exhibited in an area of 100mq. The marine aquarium is the main attraction and the suggested itineraries are also particularly interesting.

For info please call +39 0471 412964.

Museo di Scienze Naturali
Museo di Scienze Naturali
Museo di Scienze Naturali
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Museion - Museum for modern and contemporary art

The building, designed by Architect's studio KSV Krüger Schuberth Vandreike of Berlin, is intended as a centre of contemporary culture and aims to take centre stage in the museum landscape in Italy. The museum exhibits young artists and pushes the boundaries of international mainstream art. At the same time Museion represents a point of reference for local art and endeavours to represent different art forms such as architecture, movies, performance or theatre.

For info please call +39 0471 223411

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Mercantile Museum

The museum is housed in the Mercantile Palace, already a centre of the prestigious Mercantile Magistrate, established in 1635. The museum chronicles the economic history of the city of Bolzano. The exhibits are in chronological order and show meeting rooms, the chancellor's room, and Hall of Honour with original furnishings, archive documents, objects of art and paintings.

For info please call +39 0471 945702

Museo Mercantile
Museo Mercantile
Museo Mercantile
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School Museum

The Museo della Scuola is a historic recollection of over 150 years of teaching and schooling in Trentino and South Tyrol, in both Italian and German, with objects, books, exercise books and precious teaching and scientific instruments.

Opening hours 2015:
Every day with reservation
For info: tel. +39 0471 997581/588 
via Rencio - Rentscherstr. 51/b

Museo della Scuola-1
Museo della Scuola-3
Museo della Scuola-2
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Treasure of the Dome Museum

The museum houses a splendid collection of sacred artworks from the Baroque epoch in Alto Adige. As well as the precious liturgical robes and flags painted by famous artists, the museum stands out for its collection of stunning XVIII century goldsmith work.

For info please call +39 0471 978676

MMM Messner Mountain Museum Firmian

Firmian castle is clearly the centre stage of the extraordinary Mountain Museum project by mountaineer Reinhold Messner. The museum collection is exhibited in the turrets, rooms, and courtyards and offers the visitor a complete vision of the mountaineering world and the special relationship between man and mountain. Exhibits range from pictures, relics and natural objects that tell about this relationship, the link with religion, the greatness of the most famous peaks, and the history of mountaineering until modern day Alpine tourism. Each year the journey is enriched with a temporary exhibition.

For info please call +39 0471 631264

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Permanent exposition within the Monument to Victory

BZ '18-'45. One monument, one city, two dictatorships. The exhibition, opened in July 2014, illustrates the history of the Monument to Victory, retracing the local historical events between the two world wars. Admission to the monument is free, as well as guided tours for school groups and groups of at least 10 people (by reservation - T. + 39 0471 095474).

Department of Culture - City of Bolzano
Via Portici/Laubengasse 30
I-39100 Bolzano/Bozen
Tel. +39 0471 997581 / 997588

Permanent exposition within the "Semirurali House"

Since May 2015, the "Semirurali House" in via Bari/Baristr. 11 has opened to the public with an exhibition dedicated to the history and the memory of the Don Bosco district.

Semirurali House

Via Bari/baristr. 11 Bolzano/Bozen

Info: T. + 39 0471 997581 / 997582

Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation

The Antonio Dalle Nogare Foundation was established to promote contemporary art as a language for interpreting changes in society, as a tool for promoting interaction between art, architecture, innovation and artistic research and as a means for encouraging a wide range of the general public to take part.

Visits to the Foundation are possible on the following days and times:
Friday from 5.00 to 7.00 pm (guided tour at 6 pm)
Saturday from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm (guided tour at 11 am)

From Tuesday to Thursday by appointment, by writing to

Via Rafensteiner Weg 19
I-39100 Bolzano Bozen
Tel. +39 0471 971626